Privacy Policy

Updated on February 14th, 2024.

I/ Summary

At Luna, we believe that digital and data offer an important service to empower women to take care of their health, and to help diagnose endometriosis.

We are also aware that using any digital service increases your data footprint. At Luna, we take the highest care to protect your data, both personal and health-related, in accordance with the legal framework applicable. We are committed to achieving the best possible standards of confidentiality and security that we can guarantee you.

How and why we process your personal and health data at Luna:

  1. To provide you with the best services, understand your needs and communicate with you

We collect certain data that allows us to contact you, analyze your use of the application, and correct problems you may encounter. We use third-party tools to help us do this. These third-party services are not permitted to use data for any purpose other than to help us run the Luna application and meet your needs through personalization of your experience.

If you wish to limit data processing to the bare minimum we need to provide you with Luna, then you can access your applications settings and change your preferences.

  1. To provide you with personalized information on a daily basis

We collect your health information in order to personalize your experience in the app and provide you with new features that meet your needs. This data is very sensitive, and we are aware of it. We process it ourselves on our own systems.

  1. To advance research on endometriosis and women's health

We process, analyze and work on the data internally, using our own resources and processes, with the medical specialists who are members of the Luna Scientific Committee, to advance research on endometriosis and women's health. To this end, we anonymize your personal data by removing your personal identifiers so that neither researchers nor third parties can link your personal information to your health data. We perform searches between users' health profiles to reduce the time it takes to diagnose endometriosis and women's diseases, and to facilitate access to a care pathway adapted to your symptoms. If you wish to object to the processing of your data for research purposes, this is your right and we respect it. You can let us know your wishes by contacting us at [email protected].

  1. To reach potential new Luna users

We may share a minimal amount of data about our users with advertising networks (but we never share your data entered into the application). You will not see Luna ads if you have already downloaded the app, but we may suggest Luna to people who might be interested in our services.